Quality Control & Assurance


Your parts are inspected at every stage of the powder coating process

Items coming in for coating are inspected throughout the process from receiving to finish. Even storage and packing stages receive final checks.

APCL is a ISO 9001:2015 certified company. This means we take quality very seriously and have proven, established procedures and tests in place at every step of the powder coating process. We have a solid reputation for our commitment to quality and adherence to customer specifications. Also our dedicated and experienced team is well trained for production quality control.

We ensure the environment is purified and temperature controlled. Quality checks begin right from the onset. The item is inspected for dents and defects which could prevent proper coating. The item is also inspected to ensure pre-treatment is effective for powder coating adhesion before being sent onward for the actual coating. The coating process itself is tightly controlled and colour consistency maintained. Although our curing ovens are digitally controlled for duration and temperature accuracy, our technicians are constantly vigilant and ensure there are no variations. Our powder coating is frequently inspected to ensure the spray is even and all surfaces are fully covered. We also take care of special areas that need to be protected from the coating.

We are capable to perform the following industry standard tests:

  • Thickness measurement test
  • Scratch resistant test
  • We facilitate or offer impact or salt spray test upon request.

Lowest Rejection Percentage in the Industry

Our monitoring and continuous inspection processes have paved the way for lowest rejection percentage rates in the industry. We have stringent visual and other quality testing standards, that have resulted in lower customer rejection rates. Our quality control process translates to huge savings for our clients and a drastic reduction in waste.

All of our equipment and materials including powders are regularly inspected, and our equipment is serviced on a periodic basis, to ensure they perform correctly and will not break down owing to faulty maintenance.