Powder Colours

Metal Powder Coating with Custom Colours and Colour Matching

At APCL we stock a vast selection of colours. You can select from standard colours or request a special custom colour, or we can match a specific colour upon request. We are experts in providing an exact colour match to your requirement and follow the International RAL colour scale.

Custom Colours

Custom colour availability gives you a great deal of flexibility in determining the kind of finish you want.  For colour matching all you need to do is to bring in a sample of the colour that you want us to match.  We will formulate an exact colour whether it is to match an existing coated part, decorative design or a specific brand.

Our colours are obtained from top suppliers and of very high grade and quality.

Climate controlled storage

Powders are stored under optimum climate control facility. Special areas are set aside for specific powders that require a greater degree of attention.