We offer powder coating for electronic devices and components. We understand the need to consider various specifications such as temperature limits, component material and use of the component as part of a larger item.

Powder coating is ideally suited for auto parts that need additional protection from dirt, grime, debris, weather fluctuations and rough road conditions. With APCL’s superior finish automotive parts will offer outstanding durability and protection from wear and tear and varying temperatures. Powder coat is also resistant to many chemicals and auto spills.

Switchboard panels comprise delicate components.  At APCL we have thorough understanding of pre-treatment, masking & coating requirements specific to switchboard panels and will expertly coat and finish the panels as required.  The toughness and durability of powder coating we provide will  improve productivity, increase yields and minimize downtime.

Whatever your powder coating needs may be, we have staff with technical expertise to advise you on selecting the right powder coating for the job on hand.

Typical powder coating for Automotive Parts and Electronics:

  • Miscellaneous Metal Car Parts
  • Wheel Rims
  • Automotive Frames
  • Switchboard Panels
  • Circuits

Powder coating Electronics and allied components requires special care and handling. At APCL, we understand your requirements and take extra precaution when treating and coating delicate electronics and components. We have expertise in powder coating and perfectly color-matching automotive parts so that they are consistent with the sample prvided.  We also offer assembly and co-packing services so that your orders are completed, packaged and ready to ship to a location of your choice.